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1970 & 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SX


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SX News

SX455 Helps Upgrade Cutlass SX Values

Published on 2/7/2010

In December 2009, SX455 Club President Bob Peters sent an email to the Old Cars Report Price Guide. This quarterly publication is the leading pricing publication for car collectors.

The purpose of the letter was to ask the Old Cars Report Price Guide to examine and reevaluate the prices for the Cutlass SX option. For the past several years the following notations were made regarding the Cutlass Supremes with the SX option.


1970 Cutlass Supreme (2009 Price)

- Add 20% for SX Option


1971 Cutlass Supreme (2009 Price)

- Add 15% for SX Option


Mr. Peters believes the Cutlass SX is undervalued and under appreciated. Peters stated, "Most collector car enthusiasts believe Oldsmobile reached its muscle car peek in 1970, and the Cutlass SX is part of that history."

Peters added, "The Cutlass SX needs to be treated and valued closer to the Oldsmobile 442s and I'm doing my best to educate muscle car collectors about the Cutlass SX.  Someday these cars will get the respect they deserve!"

The link below shows the new values on the Cutlass SX and the letter Mr. Peters sent to the Olds Cars Reposrt Price Guide.

SX Prices - April 2010
FYI…You will notice in the April 2010 Olds Cars Report Price Guide, that the 1971 SX has both 15 percent and 20 percent listed. Apparently there is a typo and it will be corrected in future publications.