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The official club for enthusiasts of the

1970 & 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SX


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Bob Peters
SX455 Club President
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Message Board

General Cutlass SX Questions

Post your Cutlass SX questions here. For example, if you have questions about purchasing a Cutlass SX or have other related questions SX455 members may can assist you with.
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General Cutlass SX455 Q&A     
Post general Cutlass SX question to SX455 club members.

Restoration Questions

Post questions regarding restoring your Cutlass SX, including: where to find parts, project tips and guidance regarding costs or other issues.
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NEW Restoration Questions     
Post your questions regarding Cutlass SX restoration, locating parts, project tips, and discussions about how to go about a particular project.

Cars & Parts For Sale

Post your Cutlass SX for sale. You can also post A Cutlass SX you have seen locally for sale. sale. You can also post parts for sale. Please provide contact email or phone number in your post so non SX455 members can contact the seller.
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For Sale      
Post your Cutlass SX or another SX you see for sale. You can also list parts for sale. Be sure to include contact information (email address or phone number).

Cars & Parts Wanted

Are you looking for a Cutlass SX to purchase. Trying to locate parts? Post your request here.
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Post here is you are looking to purchase a Cutlass SX or parts. Please be specific as to model year and other details.

Olds Rants Raves

Post all other Olds observations, rants & raves and other car related stuff here.
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Olds Rants & Raves     
Post general Olds observations, rants & raves other "stuff" here. This is a great way to network, share stories and get to know other SX455 other members.