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Is there a way to locate a car by VIN #?
I ordered a new SX in October of 1969 and received it Nov 1969. I sold the car 3 years later in Mo after I bought a new 98. I was sorry I didn't keep it. I have the origional sticker and was wondering if vin # 342570Z105787 still existed. If soneone owns the car I would like to talk to them ,or if anyone knows how to locate that car. I just bought a SX W32 the same color as my origional car and love it. It has 57,000 miles and origional owner til 2003. Just not the exact car. If anyone has this car it would be fun to talk to you.
Can you post more detials on color combo and options? Even if it's not identified by VIN yet, it may ring a bell with someone based on the description.
Yes, this SX was Astro blue with a C08 white vinyl roof. A51 Strato bucket seats and black interior carpet, etc. It had all options but was mistakenly ordered in with a L33 two barrel carb 320 HP. It had the PX8 option with G70X14 wide oval - white stripe tires. P05 Super stock wheels. G80 anti spin rear axle. D33 Remote control out side rearview miror. Y60 visor vanity mirror. U63 Deluxe pusbutton radio. C60 four season air-conditioner. and alot more options.
Wayne...I believe there are ways to do this, and then there are "ways" to do this. I used to be good friends with a policeman back in California some years ago. I was trying to do just what you are...I was trying to locate a 70 Cutlass that I had let go of a few years earlier. I still had some paperwork on it so I did still have the vin #. It was very quick and easy for him to run the vin and find the car. Unfortunately for me, the car had been sent to the junk yard. Sad as that was, at least I had closure and would not waste any more time wondering or searching for it. Btw, it was Aegean Aqua with White vinyl top and Black bucket seat interior and SS1 wheels. Know any cops?? Good luck and certainly let us know if you do track it down.
Thanks Kevin, I will try that. If it is still out there they might be interested in the sticker for it. And it would be fun to talk to them and maybe see it.
SX455 Chat
Wayne, I did add the VIN to the SX Registry. The registry data base is set up that if a car with the same VIN is registered it will notify me. Thus locating your car. If and when I learn anything I will contact you. Bob
I did find my old car by the VIN. Since I didn't have any police friends in California (I was pretty sure the car was still in California), I called about 4 private investigators before I found one who didn't think I was nuts. He was able to locate the car in a day and even spoke to the owner. You might be able to do the same in each state that you think it might be in.
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