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Olds Rants & Raves

swedish cars
Hello again Jan.

thanks for your informative reply.i can picture that guy racing back to the dealer ship to claim his Olds only to find you there with paper work + keys in hand.i can relate i've had days like that.sorry for my ignorance of the Swedish fleet i clearly forgot about your volvos + saabs which by the way i have owned both types in my younger days + have fond memories of very solid'' safe + reliable cars.the volvo was a 360 glt i think this is correct.i forgot to ask you about Skoda can this brand be seen on the streets of Sweden.
Its interesting that you have changed your upholsterey colour but now regret it.what happened to the original seat covers etc.? perhaps later you could change it back to original . i have read on other olds sites that the best carb that works with this engine is either the rochester or quadrajet with holley as the last preference.did you notice much difference after making this swap?is there pic's of your car on this site?have a good day Jan i must go now + put a second coat of paint on my tile roof.the [preacher] my wife is on to me. all the best.


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