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Olds Rants & Raves

I hate people (need new paint)
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I know this is an old post now but its good to hear Hagerty took care of it without any issues. Now that some time has passed are you still happy with Hagerty? Many of us use them as well so it will be good to hear your experiences though we hope never to have to take advantage of our classis car insurance. Thanks
Sorry for the delay, my life got pretty crazy there for a bit...

I have Hagerty insurance, and they are great! No questions asked, just said get it fixed where ever I wanted and send them the bill.

Like I said I had to wait until the 9th (the shop I picked specializes in old cars and gets a lot of customers) But now my car is back and looks better than new!

I guess you're right, and I can't hate everyone. that said I do have a few choice words for the guy who scratched my baby (if I ever find out who he is).
I'd be upset...but hating all people does not solve the issue. Just curious... did the insurance comapny do the right thing? Who is your insrunace company?

Bob Peters
SX455 Club President
So, I visited my cousin in MA... (first mistake) There I parked on the side of the road (that was my biggest mistake) and spent about 7 or 8 hours with my family. When I got back, the passenger side of my car had three gouges from a key or something running the length of the car! There were no witnesses and nothing I could do. I waited until it was dark to drive my scratched car home and called my insurance. Now I am waiting until the 9th (of July) to drop my car off to have that side repainted.

You would think, out of respect for the car, a true muscle era beast, that no one would mess with it. There are just some people out there that just don't get it.

I guess it could have been worse, but I'm still angry.
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