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Thanks Mick,
I am looking forward to getting it out of the paint shop. Its been in for 5 months, I am ready to get it back.
By the way, I love your Car.
G'day Phillip, ito would like to put a Ram Air hood on my 70 SX,but the cost of shipping is killing me. It is going to cost over $700 to get it here, not to mention the bumpers and glass i need. Any way the hood is going to look COOL on your car . Cheers Mick
I like Sport mirrors in general as opposed to chrome mirrors. But I like the 1970 Cutlass Sport mirrors even more, not just because they have a very cool "bullet" shape, but also because they are very unique - only 1970, only Olds, only Cutlass/442. They were not available anywhere else. I say if you've got 'em, use 'em.
I have the ram air hood on the car and the car is going to the paint shop Wed. Nov 2nd. Aspen Green, with black stipes and black vinal top. Base/clear. I will try to get some pics up soon. Any opinions on sport mirrors before paint?
Good luck with your restoration. Post questions here. Kevin is a great source of info. The Ram Air Hood will look great. I just added one to my car a few months ago.

Bob Peters
SX455 Club President
Kevin, I had no idea they were Buick wheels although I thought it strange they are 15 inch wheels.
You have an Eagle eye.:) Thanks for the input.
One other observation Phillip, just in case you were not aware. The wheels on your car in the pics you posted are Buick wheels. While similar to the Olds SS1 wheels, they are significantly different. The Olds SS1 wheels are readily available in the stock 14" size and also in other sizes in reproductions should you decide to make the switch. There are a number of cars on this site that wear the Olds SS1s so you can look through the picture galleries and see the difference. Good luck again on your restoration.
Phillip...Good call on deciding to add the W25 hood to your car. They look awesome and you won't be sorry. There is general consensus that these hoods were not available from the factory on the Cutlass Supreme models. This can be verified by looking in the 1970 Option Codes document posted on this site under "Articles, Docs, etc" section. This is not to say that there weren't cars that had these hoods dealer installed, as I'm sure there were more than a few. Looking forward to seeing pics of your restoration. Please post questions if you have any during the restoration as there are some very knowledgeable folks here on the SX site. Kevin
Well, I finally broke down and ordered a new Ram Air Hood kit from the parts place. OEM reproduction, fiberglass with steel frame, twist pins locks with all the trimmings :)...I am excited. Then in about three weeks Off to Paint. I will try to post plenty of pics as the process goes on. Shop said it would be a four to five month restoration. I am going back completely original Except the hood.
Were there any stock SXs with Ram Air (excluding the W cars.)? I just wanted to share in my fun :)
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