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Sorry Allen the 15’s have snap in centers.
Nils, do yours have the bolt in center caps or the snap on center caps? If bolt in caps I may be interested in them.
I have a complete set of SS II 15” argent gray rims with good rubber that was on my 71 SX, see members cars second row Matador Red drop top. Bought a set of SS III 14’s color matching
They look exactly like all the other 14" SSII and SSIII colored wheels for the 70-73 cars. In 74 they made them in 15" and still take the same center cap that bolts in from the back of the wheel. In 1975 and all later they changed the design so that the center caps snap into a smaller hole in the center. Many people like to upgrade to the 15" while keeping the stock type center cap that is original to the earlier cars.
Greetings Alan,

I am not familiar with the type you have. Any way possible to send me a picture. From your response they were made one year only?

The 15x7 Rally wheels with the snap in center cap are fairly easy to find on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You should be able to pick up a full set for $200-300. If you're looking for the 15x7 one year only wheels with the original style bolt on center cap, those are very rare, difficult to find and much more costly. I have a set of 4 of them.
Looking for a pair of 15" SSIII Rims. Any leads!

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