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Olds Rants & Raves

Rallye Clone?
Ted Bowles
Was it possible that aRallye 350 clone was made in the Holiday Coup? The 442 clone was the sx the Rallye 350 clone was the Olds Cutlass Supreme EX?

A clone is when someone makes a "fake" that looks like a real car, usually done poorly. An SX is not a 442 clone, but I think I understand what you're trying to convey - The W32 SX could be considered the counterpart to the 442 in a Supreme body.

To get to specifically what you're asking, the 1970 Rallye 350 was a very special model of its own based on the F85/Cutlass/Cutlass S fastback - all were Sebring Yellow with stripes, the W25 hood and cutout rear bumper. No, Oldsmobile did not build a comparable Rallye 350 counterpart on the Cutlass Supreme platform.  From a performance standpoint, it would have made more sense to make a 1970 W-31 counterpart on the Supreme platform, but Oldsmobile didn't do that either.

Ted Bowles
Thanks Terry for your response. I may have used the term 'clone' a little loosley. You've answered a question that came up when I was trying to establish the history of my car. My build sheet says that my car had an option code Y68 - colour comp EX with the l74 350 4bbl. It had a by-pass code 2 that referred to the 974 trim code. You seem to know a lot about these cars - your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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