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For Sale

1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass SX 455 for sale...$14,500
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I am in the market for an SX but I am specifically looking for a 70 W-32 car (hopefully Non-air conditioned). Good luck with your sale.
Reluctantly, I’m selling my 1971 Olds Cutlass SX hardtop. I am the third owner of the car (not counting the flipper I bought it from, who hauled the car back from York, PA area and owned it for precisely 2 days). The original owner had the car until 1980 or so, and the second owner had it until 2012.

The car is a driver-quality car, not a show car. Around 110K miles on the original 455, which I was told by the 2nd owner (yes, I spoke with him before buying it, but the flipper got there first) was rebuilt in the mid-1980s. The Cameo White paint and green vinyl “halo” top were redone about 15 years ago, and have held up well. But as I said, it is driver-quality. There is a spot of rust bubbling through on the front edge of the hood, a couple of chips, and other flaws I’m sure. Chrome is all there and in good shape. But again, driver quality. And yes, those are Chevy wheels on it. Tires have plenty of tread, but following NHTSA guidelines should be replaced due to their age.

The green interior features bucket seats with the console-delete option. The car started leaking at the cowl with a small rivulet of water coming in behind the passenger kickplate (a common problem on these) so my fix was to pull the carpet out and store the car indoors. A new-in-box carpet and padding set (from Original Parts Group) go with the car. The rear package tray shows sun damage, and the previous owner put a cassette deck in the dash in place of the original radio. The seats and door panels show like seats from a 1971 car that has 110K miles: Serviceable, but not show quality. Rubber gaskets for the doors and trunk need to be replaced.

The engine runs strong, although like all 455s it likes to be warmed up before you go. If you start it and put it in Drive immediately it will stall. And if the car sits for a few weeks (which I’m guilty of), you need to spray starter fluid in the carb to prime the engine. But start it and feather the gas until it settles into idle and you can go all day…or until you are out of gas, which comes after about 8 miles to the gallon! (No, I haven’t really measured it.) As the saying goes: It’ll pass anything but a gas station.

I’m selling because we can no longer justify the $200/month expense of the storage facility, and I hate to see such a rare car sit in the driveway and rot. I might consider trading for a driver-quality 1967-72 Olds Cutlass 350 or a 1965-66 Pontiac Bonneville with cash my way. Contact:
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