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1970 & 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SX


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Welcome to the Cutlass Supreme SX Club. Your support keeps rare documents, info and records updated and helps maintain the history of these great Oldsmobiles. Several new feature articles are in the works for members. We're always interested in new story ideas about the cars and their owners!

(photo credit: A.J. Worley to Ohio Valley Dragway Memories Facebook page)

At the end of 2021, there were over 775 cars in the Cutlass SX Registry
! As of Fall 2023, we are implementing a new database platform that will make data entry and access much easier. We have a backlog of new car registration information to add. Most are SX cars, but we have a handful of 1972 Hurst/Olds, U Code and V Code cars to add to a new, separate section of the registry. Watch for updates!
In 1970 and 1971 Oldsmobile introduced a new Cutlass Supreme options called the SX Performance Package. The Y-79 code featured several 455ci engine options, a 400 Turbo Hydra-matic transmission, a cutout rear bumper with dual exhaust, special SX badges on the fenders and other goodies not found on a standard Cutlass Supreme. Order the right engine options and you had a Olds 442 in disguise. The Cutlass SX was designed to have muscle car enthusiasts avoid the high muscle car insurance premiums. To accomplish these feat, Oldsmobile did not offer different VINs for the standard Cutlass Supremes and the Cutlass SX. Therefore, you cannot ID a real Cutlass SX by the VIN. 

Since 2005, The SX455 Club has been the official resource for all things Oldsmobile Cutlass SX. A group of dedicated Cutlass SX enthusiasts and gurus have documented all things related to the Cutlass SX and has secured that information on this web site. This includes information on how to identify a real Cutlass SX, every magazine article published, official factory and dealer documents, options codes and color combinations and so much more. No other Oldsmobile web site contains the amount of content for one particular model. 

SX455 is a treasure trove for any Oldsmobile or muscle car enthusiasts...and you don't need to own a Cutlass SX to join and access all the content on this web site.

The Official Cutlass SX Registry has been locating and documenting Cutlass SX cars since 2005. Adding your car to the SX Registry is included with your SX455 Club Membership. Plus if we have information about the history of your Cutlass SX, we will email you this information.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Cutlass SX, do your research before you make an offer.
The Cutlass SX is certainly a unique and rare General Motors muscle car, and will continue to gain in popularity and value as more collector car enthusiasts discover the Cutlass SX. Sophisticated styling, luxury options and big block performance make the Cutlass SX a great gentleman's muscle car, but it's important to do your research before you buy.


Cutlass SX owners, Oldsmobile and other car enthusiasts will find the content on this website interesting, informative and entertaining. You do not need to own a Cutlass SX to join

After you join SX455, you'll receive a User Name and Password that will give you access to all the thousands of pages of content on this web site.

By joining SX455, members will find detailed information on production number, exterior and interior color combinations, options codes, the SX Price Guide and so much more. There are 25 Oldsmobile factory and dealer memos, build sheet samples and other rare documents. You can read every magazine article ever published about the Cutlass SX dating back to 1970. View the SX Member Directory, photos and more! If you are looking to buy a Cutlass SX you'll want to check out the SX Spotter Tips and Tech & Spec section and Buyer Price Guide. We encourage all Oldsmobile enthusiasts to join SX455.

If you own a Cutlass SX, when you join SX455, you'll be able to add you car to the official Cutlass SX Registry by answering a series of questions about your car.  

NEW! You can now register your Cutlass 455 cars, including 1972 Hurst/Olds, U-Code and V-Code cars using the online memberships below. Coming Soon -  new content for all 455 Cutlass Enthusiasts. 

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SX & 455 Car Registry + 12 Month Website Subscription  $25 For Cutlass SX Owners
Add your car to the Official Cutlass SX and 455 Car Registry. If we have information or history in the SX Registry about your car we will email this information to you. Your User Name and Password gives you access all the content, data, Olds factory documents, magazine articles and more. You'll also have access to email our SX Advisors. 

SX and 455 Car Registry + One Month Website Subscription  $15. For Cutlass SX Owners 

Add your 455 Cutlass to the Official Cutlass 455 Registry and get a one month subscription to all the content on this website.

Annual Website Subscription  
$35. For Non-SX Owners

This subscription gives you access to all the content on this website for 12 months. The best research tool for anyone looking to purchase or interested about learning more about the Cutlass SX or other Big Block Oldsmobile. Check out the SX Spotter Tips, Tech and Spec and Price Guide on this site. Plus see tons of Olds factory documents, literature and articles filled with great information. Provide us the VIN and we will see if the car is in the SX Registry.

Thanks for supporting SX455, you're helping to secure history for future generations!